3 Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Used Chiropractic Equipment

3 Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Used Chiropractic Equipment

Is buying a used chiropractic table a good idea?

The answer to this question is simple yes and no. Here are three things to consider and keep in mind when deciding about buying a particular used table.

1. Are you buying from an equipment dealer? If YES then chances are that the adjusting table has been checked over and is ready to serve a new office. If the answer is NO I'm buying it from an individual online then this table may have a few issues that the current owner has accepted as part of its charm but may not be a great use of your money. Be an advocate for yourself and don't be afraid to ask the dealer if they know the history of the table and what they do prior to reselling the table. If you are buying from an individual ask them who they have had servicing the table and if they know when it was last serviced and maintained.

2. Does the used chiropractic equipment come with a warranty? Most of our used equipment comes with a 1 year parts warranty but not all dealers offer a warranty on the used equipment they sell and most individual sellers do not have a warranty either.

3. I know you are going to look at this last question and think it is silly but it is "gold" ask the seller if this table is still manufactured. I know you just rolled your eyes a little bit and that's ok but trust me on this question. We have too many doctors call asking about a part for a table that they just purchased at a killer price and it just needs one thing repaired unfortunately that one part they needed is no longer manufactured thus making the table obsolete. So I would rather you roll your eyes at my question instead of crying on the phone realizing you just lost money on a table that can't be used for anything other than an expensive boat anchor. If the seller can't answer the question get the manufacture, model, serial number, and pictures if possible and call us and we can usually shed light on it for you.

14th Jul 2020 Karen Sweigart-Harris

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