It's A New Year So That Means It's Time To Remind Your Staff

It's A New Year So That Means It's Time To Remind Your Staff

It's the start of a new year so it's time to brush up and fine tune some procedures with your staff. 

Tip 1

Spend time with your staff making sure they are familiar with how to operate equipment. This does not mean asking them if they know how to use it, ask them to show you how they use it and the features on the equipment. Nobody likes admitting that they don't know how to use something so going the extra step and having them show you how they would use it and prove that they understand the features is going to save you money and repairs in the long run. Not to mention it is going to give your patients a better visit experience too.

Tip 2

Leave a "Before You Leave For The Day" list for your staff so that the equipment is happy for a night of down time just like you and your staff.  If you need these tips go to our blog 3 Table Tips To Do Everyday which outlines these closing tips.

Tip 3

Make sure your staff has our number 704-622-4089 next to the phone. Why do they need our number? Well in case there is an issue that arises with your equipment they can get us on the phone and start trouble shooting the problem with us.  This doesn't mean we won't need to talk to you to get a clearer understanding of the issue you are having but this is the start of a happy doctor equipment relationship for the new year.

2nd Jan 2020 Karen Sweigart-Harris

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