My Chiropractic Table Upholstery Is Torn What Do I Need To Do?

My Chiropractic Table Upholstery Is Torn What Do I Need To Do?

Pocket knives, pens, ski boots, belt buckles, high heels, work boots and repeated use are only a few of the reasons we get phone calls for replacement cushions. If any of these things have happened in your office then you know the need of getting the one piece of equipment each patient sees on every visit back in like new condition ASAP!

We work directly with all manufactures so we are able to help you get the correct upholstery or cushion for your table. Now in case this hasn't happened to you before then I'm here to shed a little light on how to make this a simple three step process.

1. There are so many different configurations of cushions, so we will need the name, model and serial number of your table in addition to a picture of the entire table.I know it may seem a little over the top but tables have evolved over the years and some tables have lost their serial number plates over time so having a picture is very important. Some manufactures may even require the length or width of the board under the cushion but have no fear we will let you know if you table falls into this category.

2. Do you just want to replace the cover only or the entire cushion and board. We will be able to offer a limited evaluation for you based off of the picture you provide. In the instance that the table is between 1-5 years old you may be able to just replace the cover but if the table is older the foam may be breaking down and need to be replaced as well. We are happy to send you estimates for both options.

3. Think about if you are just wanting the damaged cushion replaced or if you would like to replace the entire cushion set. This is the time when you should walk around your office and see if it is time to refresh the color scheme in your office. In many instances the cost for an entire set is not much more than just replacing a couple of the cushions on you table. Please keep in mind that if you only replace one cushion it is almost guaranteed to not match the other cushions on your table. Why wont it match you ask? Because the fabric is not coming off of the same dye lot, it will not be exposed to the same amount of previous use, cleaners, oils, or sunlight so for those reasons the colors and shine or sheen of the cushions will not match. Again we are happy to send estimates for individual cushions as well as complete sets so you can decide what will be best for your table and budget.

So there you have it a quick and easy way to get your adjusting table back in good looking shape that you and your patients deserve. 

24th Feb 2021

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