Does Your Chiropractic Equipment Scare Your Patients?

Does Your Chiropractic Equipment Scare Your Patients?

I know according to the calendar it's time for creaking, bumps in the night and spooky sounds but you don't want my patients scared by your equipment.  What should you do to put your patients mind at ease about your adjusting equipment?

Now we all know that fear is typically caused by things we don't understand so if you take a few minutes to help educate your patients on how and why your equipment works the way it does you will accomplish two things.  

First you will put their mind at ease that when the table drop is used they didn't break it that it actually serves a purpose in the adjustment and if they understand the clanging they will be more relaxed for the adjustment allowing for an easier adjustment for them and for you.

Second it validates that you are skilled an versed in different techniques and cousin Jason picking them up and shaking them like a rag doll is not the same as the customized and specific adjustment that you are providing them in your office.

So go ahead and clear the crisp fall air by educating your patients on your equipment and put their mind at ease so they can have an awesome adjustment.

9th Oct 2019 Karen Sweigart-Harris

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