Tables, Tables And More Tables...What's A Doctor To Do?

Tables, Tables And More Tables...What's A Doctor To Do?

I have seen many doctors arrive at the happy day when they get to start their own practice and watch the culmination of all their hard work turn into the realization of their dream. However this happy time can quickly turn into confusion and frustration when it comes to some very important details. No I'm not talking about paint chips and carpet colors, although they are important, I am talking about the equipment that you are going to be using day after day to care for your patients.

Chiropractic may take on many techniques and styles but there is one underlying current that is not negotiable in any chiropractic office and that is the adjusting table. Doctors tend to go with what they have used in school or with what a colleague will suggest but there are many options out there to be explored. So for the benefit or your patients whom you are caring for each day and for the longevity of your career as a doctor you owe it to everyone to make an educated decision about this vital piece of equipment.

We have been guiding and advising doctors on how to find the perfect table for their practice for over 20 years so in the next few weeks together we are going to explore the world of CHIROPRACTIC TABLES and all that they have to offer. We will cover their features, pros, cons, jargon, tax benefits, and all the Highs and Lows (pun intended) that go with chiropractic adjusting tables.

11th Mar 2019 Karen Sweigart-Harris

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