The Ups and Downs Of Elevation And Hy/Lo Adjusting Tables

The Ups and Downs Of Elevation And Hy/Lo Adjusting Tables

So maybe you have noticed that some of your patients are having a bit of trouble getting on and off of your adjusting table, maybe your practice has a focus on elderly patients, those who are confined to a wheel chair, or extreme acute patients. Maybe you're a busy chiropractor who wants a table that doesn’t require you to constantly bend over adding needless fatigue and injury to your own back. So you want to know is there an adjusting table that offers patient accessibility and benefits for your longevity as a doctor? Absolutely many adjusting tables come with a choice of Elevation, High-Low or even both.

What is the difference between the two types of tables?

Elevation is a feature that allows the table to raise and lower while staying in the horizontal position.  For example the Hill HA90C.

High Low tables have the surface you lay on go from the vertical position to the horizontal position while the patient is on the table.  For example the Zenith 320.

There are even a couple of tables that allow you to have both features. Like the Lloyd Galaxy Ultimate.

Many fear that because they have a table with either Elevation or High Low that they will sacrifice other options but that is not the case you still have all the options that you have grown to love on your stationary such as:

Forward Cervical Drop

Toggle Cervical Drop

Thoracic Drop

Lumbar/Pelvic Drop

Thoracic Breakaway Section also referred to as a Swingaway Abdominal Section

Tilt Head Piece

Elevating Headpiece

Cervical Circumduction

Adjustable Front Section

Adjustable Ankle Piece


Flexion Headpiece

Added benefits for having a table that is handicap accessible not only include patient ease but you may qualify for a tax credit for the handicap accessibility act. For more information on the Disabled Access Tax Credit look at the tax credit form and speak to your accountant.

As always feel free to give us a call at 704-622-4089 with any questions and we look forward to working with you on your next table purchase.

13th Apr 2019 Karen Sweigart-Harris

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